Digital Asset Management Software

Managing and organizing your organization’s documents is a critical component to your business’s success.

Digital Asset Management Software gives you the power to exert control over your organization’s document operations. With this amazing software you have the ability to:

o Retrieve data within seconds

o Quickly and easily organize your information

o Protect your data from unauthorized users

o Safeguard against disasters

There are many different types of Digital Asset Management Tools available today, each with varying strength’s and weakness. Business When searching for the right one it is important that you carefully analysis your organization’s needs against the capabilities of the software under review. For example, do you value information security and data retrieval? Are you cost sensitive? What type of support and training does the company offer? Do they offer a free trial period?

Finding the right Electronic Document Filing system can be a daunting task given the vast amount of choices available. However, when you carefully evaluate your internal needs, you can easily weed out paying for unnecessary functions present in many of the programs on the market today. After all, who wants to pay tens of thousands for a system when you only need 10% of its features?

There are several key Traits found in a good Electronic Document Filing System

o It should easily integrate into your daily operations without dramatically changing the way you do business. However, flawed processes are changed in favor of efficiency.

o Adaptability and Growth. Whether your office utilizes a network or has just one desktop, a good document filing system has the flexibility to grow along with your office’s use of technology.

o The software is easy to use. Enough said on that one

o Since so many offices utilize Microsoft Office products, does it integrate with this?

o Offers a tiered approached to information security. Since most companies maintain some type of confidential information (such as employee or client information), the ability to protect this data from unauthorized usage is important, but also the ability to know what authorized person is accessing the information.

o Priced within your budget. With systems ranging in cost from thousands per user to a few hundred, a good system will not drain your budget and offer a return on investment within 1 or 2 years top, ideally much shorter.


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