Inexpensive Ideas For Wedding Flowers

Everyone wants ways to save money on their wedding. One area that can get very expensive is the flowers. By the time you have the arrangements for the ceremony, the bouquets, the centerpieces, and flowers for the rest of the reception site, your bill can run into many thousands of dollars. There are some ways, though, that you can have beautiful flowers for your wedding without spending a small fortune.

The first thing that most brides will think about to save money on flowers is to do them herself instead of hiring a florist. You can certainly save money that way, but you can save even more if you not only arrange the flowers yourself, but also find a bargain source for the blossoms. If you buy the flowers from a florist, you will save on their service, but you will still spend a considerable sum on the flowers themselves.

Many large cities have open air flower marts. That is definitely the best place to find a great selection of the freshest flowers available. If you are fortunate enough to have one in your town, start making visits well before your wedding. This way, you can get acquainted with the different vendors, and find out what types of flowers they expect to have at the time of your wedding.

Another great source for flowers is the internet. When one of my friends got married, she ordered hundreds of deep red roses online. They arrived right on time, and they looked great. If you are thinking about ordering your flowers over the internet, do a trial run. Place an order for the type of flowers you plan to use for your wedding a couple of months in advance That way, you can see the quality of their product firsthand, and if you are not pleased, you will still have enough time to locate another source.

Did you know that you can special order flowers through the florist at most grocery stores? They may not have the huge selection of a fancier floral shop, but you can certainly get a great deal on many of the classic wedding flowers, like roses, tulips, and lilies. You will usually have the option of having them create the centerpieces or just providing you the loose flowers.

For some brides, the issue with spending a lot on wedding flowers is that they do not last. Unlike something with enduring beauty, like your pearl bridal jewelry, wedding flowers are only enjoyed for one day. There are several ways that you can save money and address the impermanence of wedding flowers. (With all the money you save, you will be able to afford to give pearl bridal jewelry to all of your attendants!)

One idea is to use potted plants instead of cut flowers for centerpieces. Think about it: a really attractive potted mum costs about $10 – $20, and makes a full, lush display for the reception tables. Imagine what it would cost to have the equivalent amount of cut flowers: well over $100 per table, and often much, much more. The nice thing about a potted plant is that you or your guests can take them home to enjoy after the wedding.

Another option is to create displays from dried or silk flowers. Not many brides go this route, but if you look around, you can find some lovely alternatives to fresh cut flowers. Some of the silk flowers that are available these days look as good as real ones, and you will end up with beautiful lasting arrangements for your new home.

Wedding flowers often cost a fortune, but they do not have to. If you look around, you will often find reasonably priced alternatives. With all the money you save on your flowers, maybe you can treat yourselves to a really terrific honeymoon!

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