SEO Growth Hacking; what is it and how? 20 infallible techniques!

SEO Growth Hacking is a powerful strategy to position your Web page in the results lists of Web search engines, such as Google or Bing, in a short time.

SEO Growth Hacking is a set of SEO strategies focused on achieving the growth of an online business through its positioning in Web search engines.

The SEO growth hacking or Hacking growth is a technique whose name can be “shocking and controversial” that can help you get a good ranking in Web search engines. I clarify that, the “shocking and controversial”, is because at first glance, by its own name, especially for people not expert in SEO, it may seem like a Black Hat SEO strategy (hacking and illegal techniques) with which it is achieved illegally alter your position in Google and other web browsers. But it’s not that at all! SEO Growth Hacking techniques fully respect the ranking standards and standards of Google, Bing and other Internet search engines.

It may seem a bit complicated and risky, but it is a simple, safe and efficient technique!

SEO Growth Hacking has made many start-ups get a good Web positioning in a short time; it is a powerful weapon to attract and maintain customers.

There are many benefits that are obtained by applying SEO Growth Hacking to your online business, whether you are a new company or have been struggling to position your website on Google or wasting money with online marketing campaigns.

To help you understand what SEO Growth Hacking is about and how you can take advantage of it, I will explain what you’re most effective and simple SEO growth methods are. At the same time, I remind you that you can count on our GSS Webtech, where we will help you achieve a good position in the SERP (results page) using, among other White Hat SEO techniques, SEO Growth Hacking and we will make your Business quickly escalate on Google, Bing and other search engines. You are ready? Take paper and pencil!

What is SEO Growth Hacking?

The SEO growth hacking  or hacking SEO growth (piracy SEO growth) is an innovative concept based on a number of techniques to a website or an online business grow through its positioning in the Web search engines such as Google or Bing

It can be considered a marketing method where SEO plays a fundamental role in achieving the growth of the company.

SEO Growth Hacking, born in 2010, has been very successful for Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other platforms.

SEO Growth Hacking is an experimental process where various SEO strategies are applied until the most feasible for the business are determined.

In a nutshell, it can be said that this SEO growth technique consists in making certain adjustments and changes to make a company gain the trust of users with your website, a higher conversion rate and a better position on the page.

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; we develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to the profile of your company and with results that give results.

SEO Growth Hacking Techniques

As I told you, SEO Growth Hacking is a proven and approved strategy; that is, it will make you get good results without having to get into trouble with Google.

I will explain the main techniques for your business to grow with this type of SEO methodology.

Consider SEO in all its essence

To enter the world of SEO Growth Hacking you should consider SEO at its best. That is, apply the classic SEO techniques to achieve Web positioning and thus begin to reap success in your business.

It’s simple, you must follow Google’s standards to optimize your websitechoose the right keywords , use titles, subtitles and meta descriptions in the contents, take advantage of the backlinks (incoming links from other Web pages and key in what is known as SEO off page ) and the internal links properly, have an optimal speed of loading the Web page , among other things, that you already know for sure and we already explain in the article about the tips to do the SEO positioning yourself on your Web page .

By the way, when you create your content, these should be planned from the perspective of a Web content editor, applying the techniques of Copywriting (persuasive writing) , which considers the experience of its readers or users, and not from the point of view of an SEO, frivolous and calculating (laughs) !, as this almost always forgets the naturalness that should prevail in the publications, and focuses more on the technical aspects of optimization.

Good SEO is essential, the basis of SEO Growth Hacking, for the growth of any online business.

Optimize the speed of your web page

The speed of the Web page is one of the primary factors that Google evaluates to classify a site , because if a page takes time to load, this tells the search engine that it was not useful to the user, and believe me, search engines do not They will ignore.

The loading speed of a Web influences the bounce rate of your Web, because if it takes time to load, people will not wait, but will leave there and go to another page; and also reduces the conversion rate.

There are tools like Google Page Speed where you can analyse the performance of your website to know what improvements it needs and thus optimize its loading time. The best thing is that this free tool analyses your website for the desktop version and for the mobile version.

Research your main competitors

Having clear knowledge about your competition is important to grow; I assure you that this study is done by the main brands worldwide.It is not that you are copying your competition, but that you have knowledge of what they do to achieve success.

There are several simple tools to use with which you can discover who your main competitors are; Once you’ve identified them, you can take a walk through their websites to analyse what type of keywords they optimize, what type of content they offer, what external pages link to them and what aspects of SEO they need to improve.

This research will leave you with a better perspective of what you have to reinforce or change and can lead you to reach audiences that once seemed distant to your niche.


Replace dead competitor links

Your goal is to climb; and a good way to start working for it is to take advantage of the death of your competitors. How?? No, I am not implying strange or illegal things (laughs)!

I just say that your website can replace those broken links of your competitors, which will help you a lot when it comes to your search engine ranking:

  • Use a tool, or look in local online directories, to find your competitorsthat have ceased their activity.
  • Discover one or more Web pages that still link to them.
  • Contact these websites and ask them to replace those links with yours.

Create links in third-party posts or forums

Creating links (the right way) on third-party websites is part of SEO Growth Hacking; it is not a Black Hat SEO technique, but rather a kind of marketing technique that gives you benefits while giving answers or solutions to the public.

It is common that there are forums and comments on various platforms or social networks, where people interact about a product:

  • Search Google for ‘ alternative to‘ your products.
  • Check the publications and forums where these productsor similar products are discussed.
  • Take the time to create anintelligent, quality and useful comment for users, but in a subtle way, where you explain who you are, what products you offer and leave some proof (image, reference, video, etc.) of them with a clear CTA (call to action).
  • Link that comment to your website.

If you were really helpful with your comment, you will surely gain a lot of traffic and visibility in that community. This strategy is very effective to gain authority in your niche!

Make those who link you, keep linking you

I always say that one of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it is measurable; SEO is not something abstract that overnight reveals to you if you are positioned or not in Google; On the contrary, it is always visible and measurable.

How is SEO measured? With different metrics or software’s, but the one we recommend in Google Search Console (free):

  • Get a list of all the websites that link to you.
  • Create a kind and genuine email, thank them for their trust.
  • Take the opportunity to tell them about the new publicationsof your Blog, you’re most recent products or any promotion.

In this way, those responsible for these websites will feel more involved with you and they will surely walk through your website to see how new you are there.

There is no way you won’t win any more incoming links with this technique!

Content, everything revolves around

Over there many have said that for Google, content is king; and I will not contradict them.

Although with the passage of time it has been tried to define a rule when writing content, there is no more effective rule than to create unique , well written content that provides answers to the public, enjoys a natural and simple language and is what Long enough to explain the subject very well.

That of the 500 or 1000 typical words a blog post, you have to leave it in the past. Write long content, but it’s really worth it, and you’ll always be on a honeymoon with Google. This article will help you in this: What is the ideal length of a post?

Discover what type of content is most scalable for your business

All contents are not equal; for bad or for good, each content has its own life and therefore will yield different results.

When it comes to growing your business, you need to analyse what type of content you find most scalable in the long term, and start working on it.

There are companies that with a simple video, an image or a short and fast advertising campaign, manage to increase their traffic exponentially and gain many short-term backlinks; this could be your most scalable content.However, there are other Webs that take it better with low-speed content links, which means that they are scalable in the long term and at a leisurely pace. This category includes guides, reports, resource pages or statistical (or other) data.My best advice is that you do several tests, using the A / B Testand evaluate what type of content leaves you the best assets and set all your efforts on it.

Optimize keywords for each article

Despite Google’s various algorithms and their advances in artificial intelligence, you still need to use keywords so that he can locate you and weigh if your content is relevant in a given search.

Of course, that keyword stuffing that was used in the publications is no longer allowed, but now you must plan your keywords, key phrases, long tail keywords and synonyms of your keywords very well, to optimize well your content and send the clear signals to Google.

Each article must have its own keywords, so that it can live up to what is required by the search engine, so you cannot be lazy and try to optimize the same keywords on your website for each and every one of your posts.

A single word can make a difference

You will be surprised to know that a simple word in a title can make a difference; Thanks to tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible to know which the most visited publications on your website are and thus be able to analyse what makes them win more clicks.

Sometimes, adding a persuasive, attractive, intriguing and captivating word can be the cause of increased traffic. If you manage to hit the spot, and discover what word works to create a fantastic title in a publication, you will be moving forward on this path of growth.


Make improvements to get a better CTR

The CTR is the percentage of clicks that a post gets, in relation to the number of times this post is viewed.

Clearly, the CTR depends on the traffic, which is linked to the content, so it will be very useful to create a striking title and a fabulous description in your posts, which will earn you more clicks. These two aspects of SEO content are vital to improve CTR.

In addition, you should choose your keywords wisely, because of course they also influence your CTR and misuse of them will sentence you to the latest Google positions.

And linked to all this, remember: abuse or cannibalization of keywords can kill your SEO.

Create links with related and reliable blogs

One of the most effective SEO Growth Hacking techniques for getting traffic and inbound links is creating links with bloggers and guest partners.You can contact reliable bloggers to post frequently about your niche and leave an interesting comment about your company on their blogs to start building a relationship; then, ask them for a collaboration on your blog and collaborate with them.

This is very effective, as long as the content they believe is really useful, high quality and naturally linked.The links with other blogs in the sector will make you earn a better ranking by Google, generate more traffic and attract potential buyers.

Make sure your website is easily navigable

The structure of your Web page must be well organized so that your Website development service in Mysore design offers a good experience to your users.

You must ensure that the menus and pages have been placed strategically and that their appearance is modern, but simple, intuitive and friendly.

The idea is that people can find everything in it easily and without having to make many clicks to finish the purchase process.

Is your business easy to navigate? Or should the public guess where to find everything? If your Web is an endless maze, this will prevent its growth.

Be astute with internal bonding

  • The internal linkage or link buildinghas two purposes: to help the public find useful information and keep this audience hooked on a website. It’s that simple!
  • This type of SEO Growth Hacking technique is efficient for optimizing a websiteand making the audience well informed and confident.
  • Try to include internal links to other publications of your blog that are really appropriateand related to the content that the user is reading.
  • Put yourself in his place and think if the information to which you invite him will be of his pleasure and will help him to extend his knowledge. If not, then do not include those links.
  • The idea is that people want to click where you are going because they know you will not waste your time or deceive them.

Create a free tool for your audience

A good strategy for digital marketing or content marketing is to create a free digital product (eBook, guide, etc.) for your audience. Of course, this is positive, but, to put it in some way, it is already very trite!

As SEO Growth Hacking is more innovative, I recommend that you better opt for the   Tool Marketing. Where is this? The marketing tools or Tool Marketing pushes you to create a free tool that is useful for your target audience because of the way forward visibility and increase your traffic.

Go thinking about an idea related to your niche, and get help to develop it. Some Websites have created free gif generators or logo creators, for example. What idea could drive your audience crazy? You will tell me!

Use featured snippets

Google gives more relevance to the Websites that include useful, timely and clear highlights in their content. In fact, it assigns them a better position in the list of results, above those optimized sites, but they do not have prominent fragments.

A featured snippet is effective when it contains keywords or classified terms for that topic, answers a clear question and provides extra information or solutions, which makes the public want to read more and click on it.

Your content should give answers

The fastest growing companies have achieved this because their content is focused on giving responses to the public.Yes, you must be thinking that before the contents had to be saturated with keywords everywhere, in order to position them or make Google find them, but fortunately now we are more civilized in this, and those empty contents and that seemed written by Tarzan (incoherent and in an unnatural tone), they are no longer admissible.

Because the way Internet search has changed and Google’s advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are going well, it is necessary to make the content more real, every day and user response.

Statistics reveal that voice searches   and AI algorithms are determined to provide short and forceful responses to your audience, so you must create content that fits that.

Social networks add to your ranking

Social networks cannot be ignored by any start-up. Otherwise, it will lose the opportunity to gain more traffic and to improve its ranking.I am not affirming that Google considers the interactions in social networks for your classification, but it does keep abreast of the contents that are viralized there, as these attract traffic.

If your content is getting a large volume of likes on Facebook or is very commented and retweeted on Twitter, for example, it means that people consider your posts valuable, which will then be reflected in your ranking in the search results list Web.Take advantage of social networks, but without falling into bot trap or fake users.


Influence marketing helps you grow

  • I hope you are not one of those haters of influencers at this point in the game; whether many people like it or not, influencers (in their different niches) manage to attract masses and are a great strategy for marketing any business.
  • That said, I invite you to be part of the current statistics, which reveal that companies that ally with influencers in their niche, manage to improve their sales.
  • In a nutshell, influencers marketing helps you to grow rapidly, as it is a kind of advertising that reaches masses and makes you stand out on the map of social networks.
  • Take the necessary time to know which influencers of your niche arebest for you, contact them and start talking about your products with sincerity and link your posts to them; reach an agreement so that you both benefit from this type of campaign and devise a plan together .
  • This takes time, so don’t think you’ll do it overnight.
  • Once you have defined which influencer is best for your business, try to move in the same world, being participatory in their channels, commenting on their publications, etc., because once you have made yourself known, you can ask them to link Some of its contents towards you.
  • This SEO Growth Hacking strategycan help you get more traffic and more inbound links than in the traditional SEO way.

More reference domains than backlinks

I’ve already talked to you a lot about the importance of gaining external links or backlinks. However, it will be good for your growth to obtain more reference domains, since Google gives them more credibility and score.You can understand reference domain as a Web page that links to your Web page (directly to your domain).This SEO Growth Hacking strategy is well seen by Google when the Web that links you does it in large volumes, has a good domain authority, is a reliable site and considers such linking (utility) relevant and timely.

What happens with Google and the many backlinks that are linked from the same Web, is that you can consider them as part of a private blog network, which will be negative for your page ranking. Look carefully and do not abuse this technique!

Improve your landing pages

A proven SEO Growth Hacking strategy that leaves visible results in a few days is to improve landing pages.

These pages can leave you with many assets if you know how to optimize them, so you should use Google Analytics to discover how users are involved in them.Take advantage of the data that the tool throws at you and start making improvements on these pages ; adding higher quality images, content and more attractive data, as well as a clear CTA (call to action) will be vital to win potential customers, improve sales and increase traffic.Finally, be sure to properly link these landing pages to your home page.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?

Conclusion: SEO Growth Hacking speeds up your online growth

There is no doubt that all SEO efforts that are printed on an internet business are focused on its growth; but from my own experience I know that it is not as easy as we would like.

Doing SEO Growth Hacking can leave you with many benefits, especially if you’ve already tried everything, and you can’t improve your results.

All the techniques that I have explained in this post, are simple, as you may have seen, and do not involve investing a large amount of money. SEO Growth Hacking is much cheaper, if not almost free, than an ostentatious digital marketing campaign, limited and without guarantees. So don’t waste any more time, and start witnessing the growth of your online business.

Will SEO Growth Hacking be the solution to your problems? I am sure that this alternative will lead you to the path of success!

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