Insurance Marketing – When They’re Ready to Buy, Will They Choose You?

When you need to buy car insurance, who do you think of? Geico? Allstate? Your neighborhood agent? The three companies bingo blitz credits you thought of first own real estate in your head (otherwise known as mind-share) for personal insurance.

How did they get mind-share? Typically, it evolves in one of three ways:

  1. Through media blitz – You have heard and seen them so many times on radio and television that you can’t stop singing their jingle.
  2. Through personal connection – Your brother-in-law is an insurance agent.
  3. By location – Why not support the community business you pass on the street every day?

So what happens if you can’t afford a media blitz, aren’t related to enough people, and have exhausted all of your neighborhood prospects? Think direct marketing, repetition and perseverance. With these three things, you too, can own real estate in your prospects’ minds.

Consider these statistics:

  • It requires thirteen exposures before the average person can recall your business name.
  • Ninety percent of prospects buy after the sixth interaction with your business.
  • The average person is exposed to more than 300 ads every day. It’s no wonder that most ads are instantly forgotten.

Unfortunately, most people don’t make a purchase when they see an advertisement. They buy a service when they need a service. If they think of you when the need arises, BINGO, you’re in business. It’s all about timing.

So how do you make sure you are in front of prospects at the right time? You have to be in front of them ALL THE TIME, not with a sales pitch, but with positive, helpful information, that makes their lives easier. When selling to businesses, the easiest way to stay in front of prospects every month is through direct mail or e-mail. Direct mail is particularly effective when paired with telemarketing to verify decision-makers’ names and to gauge interest levels. E-mail is less expensive, because you don’t incur the cost of postage or printing. E-mail marketing also allows a higher level of response tracking.

Want to bolster new business? 

Remember that in marketing, there’s no such thing as a one-hit wonder. Manage your mind-share with solution-oriented direct marketing that ensures you are in front of your prospects at the RIGHT time – the day they need your service.


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